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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."



What we're doing now and in the future!


SAPS will be at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 with ECTO-III and running a special food drive. Join us!


Alison reports on her experiences at Dragon*Con 2008.

SAPS stickers are spreading across the nation! Click here to see the updated TAM 6 page with the latest sightings.

If you attended Dragon*Con and saw the Million Dollar Challenge Panel, you might be interested in reading the dowsing protocol we used... so VOILA!


Alison will be speaking at a meeting of the North Texas Skeptics on August 16th.


The Travel Gallery is now up! See where Alison has been travelling.


Alison reports in James Randi's SWIFT about the community at The Amaz!ng Meeting 6.


SAPS attended the James Randi Educational Foundation's Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas and made quite a splash with the new SAPS stickers, designed by TPrime of the JREF Forums. Find out how to get yours here!


Alison reports on ghost hunting equipment at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio in the James Randi Educational Foundation's Newsletter (2MB PDF).


Is Alison Airwolf? We're not really sure what that means, but you can read the interview here at Whiskey For Breakfast.


Listen to Alison discuss ghost hunting, cold spots, and shackling spirits to the Earth on The Amatuer Scientist Podcast.


Read Alison's lecture from TAM 5.5, and see the exciting Ghost Hunters montage she showed for the conference here.


Alison discusses TAM 5.5 on Skepticality.


The Parma Gas Station Ghost has been REVEALED by SAPS Video Correspondent, Blake. Be the first to see the true nature of the ghostly being.


Alison will be lecturing at The Amaz!ng Meeting 5.5 in Plantation, Florida.

And More Orbs!

Skeptic Hal Bidlack takes a look at an eerie photo.

Bad Astronomer Gets TAPped!

Beyond Reality Radio (run by TAPS Jason and Grant) recently requested Myspace friendship from Phil Plait with some interesting results! Read about it here.


On October 31st, Alison will be giving a rendition of the 'Is It A Ghost?' presentation for the DFW Ghost Hunters' Halloween meetup. The event takes place at the Hotel Lawrence in downtown Dallas and will be followed by a midnight ghost hunt.


Do Jason and Grant work for Roto-Rooter?


Check out Alison's exciting new Skepticality interview, full of info on Ghost Hunting!


So you missed Dragon*Con? No worries! The ' Is it a Ghost?' presentation is available in summary, complete with eerie footage for you to review. Drop us a line and let us know what you think at


We have an update on Dragon*Con. We are reserving further comment until Dragon*Con has posted the video. More articles to come!


Dragon*Con update coming soon! Look right for a peek at part of Alison's presentation.


Alison will be featured in the 2008 Skepchick Calendar! They'll be taking preorders soon, so make sure you check out the site at

Alison will also be at Dragon*Con giving a talk called, "Is it a Ghost?" as well as participating in the Skeptics vs. Believers panel discussion.


Do you have paranormal powers? Have you heard of the James Randi Educational Foundation's Million Dollar Challenge? Find out how to line your pockets here.


Secular Student Alliance has posted a new article by Alison Smith regarding the origins of SAPS.


Why do ghosts exist in so many stories from so many cultures? Is it evidence that there are really ghosts, or evidence of something deeper? We have a theory! Check it out here.


We (finally!) added a new report to the Psychics and Mediums section of reports. Sorry for the delay, Karen! The report was written by Karen Stollznow and originally published at her site B@D LANGUAGE (new window).


You can find anything on eBay, and I mean anything. Our new eBay Watch section in reports will be devoted to crazy things selling on eBay... that people are actually bidding on. Not low dollar amounts, either. This section will shock you... Unless you feel like making a purchase. Then consider it a price guide!

We also added another article to the published reports.


Added a section for published reports to the reports section.


Update: Psychic Medium Beth Engleman.


Added a page of thank yous. Thanks again to everyone who has helped us get where we are today!


The site is getting a major update! Some articles are still in the old site format (and this news page and the links aren't done being updated yet), but we're working on updating everything. Please be patient!


TAPS has responded to our article. Luckily, we have an update that gives a little clarity to what they've said.

Read all about it... again... at the bottom of our TAPS page!

The Atlantic Paranormal Society


SAPS has taken a look into the financial dealings of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Join us as we delve into their standing as a non-profit organization, and as we find out where their money goes.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society


Hello again! I'm back from Vegas, and ready to update the site with all sorts of fun things. Soon we'll include a summary of fun from The Amazing Meeting, hosted by the James Randi Educational Foundation as well as GhoStock, a paranormal investigators convention hosted by Ghost Hounds Paranormal Investigators Network.

Until then, we've been doing some undercover work at a five-star destination spa. If you are interested in spa treatments, alternative therapies, or quackery, please read the article! It will be updated to include each treatment available at the spa we went undercover, including prices and a summary of the claim.

Read more here: Destination Spas Cure Cancer?


Updated Homeopathic Sulphur Test. Read about it here: Homeopathic Sulphur Test

Opened Investigations section to the site. The Atlantic Paranormal Society to be featured there soon. [now defunct, replaced by reports]


Added section for Homeopathy under "Products" section, including a continuing trial by a SAPS member on homeopathic sulphur as a treatment for lung illness.

Read about homeopathy and the trial here: Homeopathy


SAPS recently had a phone interview with Keith Johnson, demonologist, co-founder of NEAR Paranormal, and occasional guest on "Ghost Hunters". We've gone out on a limb and decided to report on the discussion in a completely unbiased way (Crazy!) and let you take it as you will.

Read more here: Interview with Keith Johnson


Beth Engleman has written back again - this time to pretty much say she can be of no help at all... which isn't as shocking as one might imagine.

Read on: Beth Engleman


Jeffry Palmer, Psychic Detective, has apparently stumbled onto the SAPS site. He has written us a very unhappy e-mail, and we've responded in kind.

Read more here: Jeffry's E-mails


Beth Engleman, medium, has written again with more information on Duane. What did she say this time? And how did we respond?

Read more here: More from Beth Engleman


SAPS has been contacted by an anonymous medium about Duane's case!

Read about it here: Anonymous Medium

SAPS has also chosen to contact Beth Engleman, another psychic medium.

Read about it here: Beth Engleman

Eight readings, eight mediums. Alison, SAPS Founder has finally decided to speak out about mediums and their readings, and the kind of damage that can come from trying to find answers this way.

Read about it here: What is talking to mediums like?


SAPS has been featured on!

Read an in-depth article on Exorcism in the United States here: Exorcism in the United States (new window)


Added a new section for updates on the search for Duane. If you are a Rice University Alumnus, you may be able to help!

Read more: Duane Updates


A new section in SAPS debunking has been opened [now defunct, replaced by reports]! We now have a "Products" section, where the SAPS members buy and review paranormal products so you can get the knowledge before you spend the money.

Check out the section and our first product, the Colour Energies "Colour Bath" here: Products


SAPS has added two new members: Please welcome Jon Harmon and Michael LaPointe to the SAPS family!

Read about Michael and Jon here: SAPS Members

And read Michael's first article with SAPS - "On the Subject of Ghosts" here: "On the Subject of Ghosts" by Michael LaPointe

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