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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


SAPS SAPS has been up and running for some time now (since July 2006), and has been garnering a great amount of support in the skeptical and (oddly) paranormal communities.

The most important thing to remember about SAPS is that our goal is not to spread unbelief, but to offer alternate ways of thinking about paranormal events. This does not mean that your own paranormal experience didn't happen, or that you are deluded or ignorant or stupid. It merely means that there has never been concrete evidence of the paranormal, yet there are individuals who will represent their findings as absolute truth. Why do we believe them? That is the most important question SAPS asks. When we trust in another person to help us decide the amount of truth in something, we take power away from ourselves. We do not ask that you believe what we have to say, just that you consider the possibility. Being open-minded does not mean believing in fantastic occurences. Being open-minded means constantly accepting that you may be wrong. When other avenues of thought are ignored or immediately refuted, we may lose sight of the truth.

This will probably seem overly dramatic to many, but it is of dire importance that we continue the search for truth rather than accepting someone else's word. Our world should still have the ability to change without destroying our belief structures. If we find out that something is false, we should be able to accept it and move on, not cling to it.

Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your stay. Be sure to check back frequently as the site is updated all the time.

Alison, SAPS Founder

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SAPS Members

Alison, SAPS FounderAlison Smith, SAPS Founder: Alison Smith is the Founder of Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society. She is a former private investigator, and is currently employed as a Research Assistant with the James Randi Educational Foundation. Her articles on the paranormal and ghost hunting have been featured in eSkeptic, Skeptic Report, and the newsletter of the Secular Student Alliance. She has lectured on the paranormal at Dragon*Con, meetings of the DFW Ghost Hunters, and is scheduled to appear at The Amaz!ng Meeting 5.5. Interviews with Alison have been featured on Darkness on the Edge of Town radio show, the Skepticality Podcast, and the TANK Podcast. She currently attends the University of Texas at Arlington. E-mail Alison at

Jeff, Research/WebmasterJeff, Research/Webmaster: Jeff has chased giant millipedes on Machu Picchu, encountered sharks in the Bermuda Triangle, witnessed UFOs in the woods of New Hampshire, captured orb weavers in the Everglades, looked for ghosts on the Boston Harbor Islands, and explored abandoned mines in Utah. He currently lives in Vermont, and works for the James Randi Educational Foundation. He can be contacted at

Devon, Research/WebsiteDevon, Research/Website: Devon is fascinated by mathematics, engineering, science, the paranormal, and pretty much anything else you can mention. He is a software engineer, and spends his spare time involved in SAPS and other skeptical groups.

Blake, Video AnalysisBlake, Video Analysis: Blake is a critical thinker with a passionate interest in the mysteries of the Universe. He is a programmer, poet, artist, gamer and writer. He is currently working on a book about UFOs, skepticism and a cross-country road trips. Blake goes by "Doctor Atlantis" on the Skepticality and Skeptics Guide to the Universe boards.

John, Research/Equipment SpecialistJohn, Research/Equipment Specialist: John became interested in SAPS after seeing the show "Ghost Hunters". He has been invaluable in investigations, especially ones related to ghosthunting and helped to purchase the equipment to make the debunkations possible. John also researches locations and helps with the technical side of debunkation.

John C., Research SpecialistJohn C. Research Specialist: John C. hasn't had much experience with the paranormal, but as a Journalism major he has had experience with research and media writing. He has recently completed his first novel, and has turned his writing expertise to SAPS.

Mary, Demonstration SpecialistMary, Demonstration Specialist: Mary, our resident paranormal believer, has been invaluable in expressing beliefs in opposition of SAPS. As a Sociology major, she also analyzes interpersonal relationships and the development of belief. Most SAPS members are open-minded skeptics. Mary brings balance to the group as an open-minded believer.

Christina, Demonstration SpecialistChristina, Demonstration Specialist: Christina is part of the SAPS support team and accompanies the group on investigations and demonstrations. She recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and uses her experience to discuss the repercussions of falsified evidence and fraud.
E-mail Christina at

Richard, PhotographerRichard, Photographer: Richard, a Fort-Worth-area photographer, has contributed images to SAPS and accompanies the group on demonstrations. His knowledge of photography has been helpful in analyzing supposed "paranormal" photographs. Visit Richard at

C. M. 'Cat' Hall, Statistical AnalysisC. M. "Cat" Hall, Statistical Analysis: C. M. "Cat" Hall, has held both technical and non-technical positions with several government agencies—including the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Now retired from public service and politics, she is currently a professional photographer. By the time you read this, Ms. Hall will also be a card-carrying member of the JREF. E-mail Cat at

Michael LaPointe, Research/Article SpecialistMichael LaPointe, Research/Article Specialist: Michael, an avowed yet open-minded skeptic and occasionally cautious believer. has a lifelong interest in all things paranormal and their effect on the general public. A private investigator by trade and a writer by nature, Michael believes that anyone who claims to be a paranormal investigator has an absolute responsibility to report their findings in a clear, concise, and honest manner.

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