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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


Jeffry Palmer, The Psychic Detective

Jeffry charged $19.95 to answer as many questions as we felt like asking. We stuck with the original two: Is Robert alive or dead? Where is Robert?

The Psychic Detective Information Sheet

Jeffry asked for surprisingly little information in comparison to other mediums. He asked for our name, country, and e-mail address. We answered all three truthfully.

E-mail Correspondence with Jeffry

These e-mails will be unaltered aside from our changing of the "lost" person's name. Jeffry's words will be italicized, and the words of SAPS will be in blue.

Thank You for your purchase of a psychic reading from the psychic detective. If you havent done so already please complete your order by payment through PayPal.

Thank you again for this opportunity

I have recieved your payment and will be conducting your reading this evening (Australian time)
Thank you.

Jeffry R. Palmer


I would like to apologize for the delay in preparing this reading. I understand that you have been waiting quite some time for this response. I would like to say that the nature of my readings is quite different than that offered by most psychics who do business today, especially on the internet and this difference results in a substantial amount of time involved in preparing a reading before it is sent. I do not use tarot cards or horoscopes or other such tools, which I feel are unreliable, instead I rely completely on a form of focused meditation to provide the information offered in my readings. If you are familiar with some of my writings then perhaps you can appreciate the time and preparation involved with this practice. I thank you again for your patience and as a token of my appreciation I have included a special link to download several of my e-books at the end of this letter.

You asked about Robert. It is my feeling that Robert is alive and living in or around Dallas, Texas, although the word “Palestine” comes to mind when I focus on him and his location, perhaps this will make more sense to you than it does to me. I have conducted several readings involving missing persons but I do not feel that this is the situation with Robert. It seems to me that he has simply left without explanation. A terribly selfish, if not cruel act. Alison, If I am mistaken and Robert is in fact a missing relative it would be helpful if you are able to provide more information about his last known circumstances.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any clarifications. Here is the link to my e-book "Embracing the Infinite" you may also find “Judo for the Soul”: to be particular useful. Both works are yours to enjoy at no charge.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to provide you with this reading.
Your Friend,
Jeffry R. Palmer

We at SAPS find it odd that Jeffry would need more information in order to conduct a thorough reading. Is he in communication with the spirit world or not? Stick around to find out the true story of "Robert" and where he may be... which, doubtless, has nothing at all to do with Palestine.

Jeffry has found his way to the site, and contacted SAPS again. Read what he has to say, as of 12/5/06.


Ah...charades and pretense wrapped in the disguise of scientific inquiry, how original. I have no problem with skepticism, yes… question everything, question your government, question your leaders, question your teachers about the facts they ram down your throat, questions anyone with who claims to have all of the answers, question history and science and facts and religious beliefs. As long as you have the will to form your own opinions against a raging tide of lies, half truths, denatured facts and inherited doubts, question everything that is before you. There is a greater truth beyond science, religion, and philosophy. A truth which governs our natures as spiritual beings, the energy of love which manifests itself in words of assistance and assurance. Words which say, I will help you in any way that I can, regardless of who you are, you with doubts and self serving motives, you like so many others, stepping on the backs of others to gain a better view of the world. So, in the spirit of questioning, here is my question to you. Have you bothered to look for your Uncle in Palestine, Texas?

Jeffry R. Palmer

And our response.


I'm not sure which part of me asking for your help was a charade or a pretense. If you had been able to offer information about Duane, then that would've gone up on the site just as much as the false information did. This is still a search, no matter who is helping.

And yes, every piece of advice from every medium was looked into. There is simply no record of Duane having been in Palestine, Texas or anywhere else.

It's interesting that you say I stand on others to get where I am. Well, it's a bit better than taking money from the wallets of the grieving.

Thanks for visiting the site, and if you have any more information, feel free to write back.

-- Alison

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