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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


Do Jason and Grant work for Roto-Rooter?

Paranormal Police to Roto-Rooter

Dear Pat Swanson,
Dear Katherine Harris,
Dear Paul Abrams,
Dear Roto-Rooter Marketing,

This may be a stupid question, but I would like a serious reply.

Do the guys that appear in the Sci-Fi Channel program "Ghost Hunters" still work for Roto-Rooter as plumbers as they portray or is that all just show business?

I am currently researching them and your HONEST REPLY would be most appreciate because they still make it appear they are working for your company. I believe they are based in Warick, Rhode Island.

Bobby Zoeller
Louisville, Kentucky

Roto-Rooter Responds

Hi Bobby.

Yes in fact they are employees of Roto-Rooter. Jason and Grant remain on Roto-Rooter's active payroll. Their busy shooting schedules prevent them from working as often as they used to, but we accommodate their shooting schedules.

Enjoy the show!
Katherine Harris
Director of Recruiting
Roto-Rooter Services Company

A Summary of the Paranormal Police Investigation

Regarding T.A.P.S., Jason & Grant, and the Roto-Rooter Company concerning the use of their name in the show "Ghost Hunters" and the questions as to whether or not Jason & Grant are still employed by their company:

I not only received the reply you see directly below from a Katherine Harris at the Roto-Rooter corporate headquarters located in Cincinnati, Ohio but I also spoke with both Katherine Harris and Paul Abrams in "media relations" on the telephone for several minutes around 4:45 P.M. this afternoon regarding Jason and Grant of the "Ghost Hunters" show on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ms. Harris told me of the e-mail she sent and said if I had further questions Mr. Abrams would probably be the one to ask because he knew them better and could go into more detail. So, I then hung up and called back asking for Paul Abrams. I called the corporate headquarters, was patched through to Mr. Abrams, received an answering machine at his extention, and then called his cell phone. He answered and said he was currently on the 25th floor of the building and for me to call him back at his extension and he would answer, which he did. We talked for about five or ten minutes.

According to both Ms. Harris and Mr. Abrams, Jason and Grant are still employed by Roto-Rooter, although their shooting schedules for Sci-Fi more or less dictates the amount of actual plumbing work they may be involved with. Mr. Abrams said when the show goes on hiatus, Jason and Grant are more likely to be available for work but it all depends. I asked a specific question. I asked, "Are Jason and Grant still on the payroll as media personalities, or do they actually do plumbing work and if I called their location in Rhode Island would they likely be the people to come out and work on my pipes?" Both Ms. Harris and Mr. Abrams said that they do still work as plumbers, but both could not say for certain if they would be available to do the work as it would depend on their schedule. Mr. Abrams did say, "It would be a possibility" that Jason or Grant could be sent out on a job, but it would again depend on who was available at any particular time. He went on to say he knew them both, h ad talked to them on the phone when discussion of using the Roto-Rooter name came up prior to filming, and flew out to the "Rose Parade" when Jason and Grant were in it.

Mr. Abrams also had high praise for both of his employees and said they were among his best technicians. I asked him if the Roto-Rooter Company had any reservations or second thoughts about having the company portrayed on the show since there was some contraversy over the legitimacy of the material presented at times. He said no, that the upper management reviewed the work history of Jason and Grant prior to allowing their company's name to be used in the show, they watched the first few episodes and found nothing disturbing, and he said the show is useful in getting the company's name out to a "new generation" of prospective customers that may not be aware of them and the service they provide. He said basically that the whole field of ghost hunting seemed to have a lot of detractors in it, but he had no complaints on the way the company Roto-Rooter was portrayed on the show.

All-in-all, both Katherine Harris and Paul Abrams both had good things to say regarding Jason and Grant and the show "Ghost Hunters."

I thanked him for his time and said his answers were very useful and was glad he took the time to talk with me.

Here is the e-mail I received from Katherine Harris earlier this afternoon: (E-mails moved above)

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