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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."




Put normal text between these p tag thingies.

So, for example, this would be the second paragraph of a report. You also have to put the TITLE up at the top of this file, but don't change ANYTHING else above the thing that says "class='content'". Also set the thing after "#" in the link below to make sure it links back to the correct section. And, of course, add a link to this in the main reports.html.

Oh, also use "Title Case" for the title, and "Headline case (only capitalize first letter)" for the subtitle, for consistancy.

We'll get you set up with Dreamweaver whenever I make it to Dallas. That will make your life EASY for these.

I'm also saving these in reports/realname.html (such as "reports/ghostock.html") going forward, to make things neater. I'd LIKE to move all the old files to more descriptive filenames, but I don't want to break old links, so we'll leave the ugliness at least for the moment.

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