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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


Grief... Coping With Loss

Grief can set us up to be duped.

There is nothing more earth-shattering than losing a loved one. Unfortunately, in our grief, we may turn to the wrong places for support. Paranormal investigative shows are good for someone in the midst of grieving in that they provide "proof" that their loved one has moved on. Grief actually makes people more open to suggestion, especially when it comes to their philosophical belie people who are grieving will even seek out "psychics" to ensure that their loved one is safe.

While this is a nice idea, I can definitely call it unethical.

To sell an idea to someone when they are at their most vulnerable is wrong. You can convince yourself it's alright to do this by saying that they are comforted by what you tell them, but all you are doing is delaying the actual healing process in favor of unfounded beliefs designed simply to reassure the person. Life is not about reassurance. It is about truth.

I'm sure many of the readers have lost someone close to them. To them, I ask which would you prefer? That your loved one's spirit had moved on, or that their spirit was still hanging around your house doing things like levitating tables? While the footage shown on paranormal TV shows may give you hope of connecting with your loved one once more in life, one must admit that to think of them stuck on a plane of existence where all they can do is wiggle a table isn't a very happy thought.

This isn't a subject that's discussed much, for fear of offending the bereaved. Unfortunately, it is true that people in mourning get scammed with alarming frequency. Someone who is in emotional turmoil is an easy target for an investigator with something to sell.

This is one reason why paranormal investigation footage is, to Not all viewers are sitting around saying "Oooh" and exclaiming ot; and exclaiming how neat it is. Some people are really looking for answers about their loved ones. And to claim to be in contact with them is wrong.

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