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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


TAPS Myspace Group

These responses were taken from the TAPS Myspace Group ( ) and were used with permission.

I'm responding to your post on the myspace TAPS group. I went to a funeral of my buddies a few years ago, and as me, my brother, my friend and the guys grandma were there, his grandma took a picture and all the sudden a hockey stick that was leaning aganist his casket (he was a hockey player) it flew up and bounced back down. That was the first experience I ever had, which made me believe in the paranormal and God also. If something like this can happen, the possibility of God being real isnt too far away to believe.

The second thing that happend to me was when I was at my brothers apartment, a book flew off the fireplace shelf and onto the carpet, it didnt fall, it flew about 5 feet, as if someone had smacked the book off the shelf.

The third thing wasnt visual, but me, my brother and our friend were downstairs in a resturaunt because there have been reports of stuff happening there so we wanted to check it out. My brothers girlfriend worked at the place so they let us go down there for about an hour. We're not investigators or anything, we just thought it'd be cool and never thought we'd find anything. Well, we didnt find anything until we were leaving the basement, we were still in the rocky little dark tunnel where supplies was and all the sudden a door slammed behind us. The only way in is the way we were going out, so we panicced and ran to the end of the hallway. Then we stopped and just had to go back and see what it could've been. The only thing we saw was a bathroom door that could've slammed, but there was no gust or person that could've moved that door.

Personally, from the looks of your site it sounds like you guys are trying to make people disbelieve the paranormal, which I dont really get why you'd wanna do that.

If you prove something wrong, thats fine, but TAPS already does that, so why have a group dedicated to make people believe everything paranormal that happens was created by someone? There you have it, I dont really care what you do with the information I gave you, if you want to display it, fine, if you want to use it for your own opinion, fine. I know what I saw and I dont need anyone telling me it was fake cuz I have witnesses that saw all 3 things that happend and they cant explain it. But if your going to critisize this, then you might as well delete it as if you had never read it.

-- Erik Bjornson

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