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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


The EVP Experiment

We listened to three EVPS collected by Ghost Hounds to see whether everyone would hear the same thing.

Alison presents the EVPsWe started off the evening listening to three EVPs (EVP stands for "Electronic Voice Phenomenon, which is a term for the supposed ability to record the voices of the dead). Forty-one participants were asked to write down what they heard when listening to three separate EVPs to see if what you hear is all about perception and priming. Skeptics posit that people who hear EVPs are actually just making sense out of nonsense - random noise. We put this to the test by seeing whether EVPs were absolute or not - would everyone give the same responses?

Read the SAPS Article on Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Our three EVPs were taken from the web site of Ghost Hounds Paranormal Investigators Network with the permission of Patrick Burns, founder of the group. Visit them at:

(The third EVP is after the voice that says "No more fire ant mounds.")

The participants were asked to write down what they heard for each EVP without discussing it. The EVPs, in order, are labelled on the site as "Get out of my graveyard," "I must go back," and "Be nice."

The third EVP, which says "Be nice," was chosen by Patrick as he believes the voice to be indisputable. After SAPS listened to the EVP, Patrick asked that we give our skeptical opinion. Read our conversation with Patrick concerning EVP Three.

EVP Conversation with Patrick Burns

After listening, everyone who participated turned in their papers with their EVP translations and Amy, a DFW Ghost Hunters member and the organizer of the event, opened a sealed envelope with the official translations of the EVPs from the Ghost Hounds site.

The Results

Of the forty one respondents:

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