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Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society

"Le doute n'est pas une condition agréable, mais la certitude est absurde."


Adela Lavine

Adela was kind enough to contact us when she heard about our search for Robert. She offered a free reading and gave tons of information. We are not sure how she discovered the site or what information she was working from. Her readings are normally $125 for two hours.

Adela's Reading

Adela's comments will be italicized. The response from SAPS will be in blue. Visit Adela at:


This is a response to your request for a medium. I read what you are about and I understand. It's very hard to determine what is real as there are many who exploit those in need. I have a web site & myspace site to check out testomonies and some are those that were really unsure, I expect this, it's normal.

So I do charge, but I will offer a free one... to tribute the cause of debunking and those who are not real.



Hi, Adela! Thanks for writing.

It's very kind of you to offer a reading, and I'd definitely be interested. The two questions I posed to the others were "Is Duane alive or dead?" and "Where is Duane?". I'd love to hear your take on them as well.

Do I have your permission to include your thoughts on the site?

Thanks again,

Alison, SAPS Founder

Yes, go ahead an post my thoughts...

What I am seeing is a man in his 40's to 50's and I get ages usually 10 year range, just because I don't always get an exact. However, her is telling me that age range is okay and pushing 50's. He has passed, he is not happy that people feel that he left as this was not his nature.He was a hard working man and he keeps showing me him in blue overalls..he says that he used to love the land. He's not happy about how he died as he says people know that there was some "funny bussiness". He says his death was about money. He keeps showing me a truck, a work truck and a dirt road. He has a deep voice, well not deep but kind of deep & froggy he had salt on the sides on his head. He keeps saying that duane is not his name. However, you can call him that. He also says that he sometimes seemed very grumpy and he is coming across this way now, but it's because of the things that were said.

He would never leave his obligations or his dog. He appreciates what you are doing as it helps those here & there to believe, although he didn't in his life time. He is old fashion that way. He keeps mentioning his farming and that as a boy he did this and he had a good bussines. However, someone did him wrong with it and this led to a cofrontation and he thought he could handle it himself. He was wrong.

He says to ask N-like nelly not sure if thats the name, but he keeps saying the woman with the N name.

He says this is enough for now & he also mentions the truck to look in the truck.

Hope this helps, please let me know....


thanks, adela

** Note: We kept the name "Duane" in this reading because of the confusion it would've caused to change it to Robert as she was saying Duane is not his real name (assuming, perhaps, that Robert is his real name, as it is stated on this site.)

**Since the posting of the information on who Robert really is, Adela has gotten back to us. As always, her words will be italicized and ours will be in red.

Hi Alison,

was wondering if you got my last email and your thoughts on it?


Hi, Adela!

Yes, I got the e-mail, and I've posted more details on the site at [moved to]

Some of it fits sort of, but a lot of it doesn't. Duane is his real name. He never farmed. He didn't have a dog. If he had a car at all, I'm not aware of it. He did get in a fight with his brother about money.

Check out the rest of the details on the site, and if you get anything more, let me know.

Thanks again for your help,

I read what you posted, and although I understand that you said about his real name was posted I did not read that, are you saying that the fact duane is not his real name was posted before I read? The only thing I see in that was her was refering to the fake name. Also please see if the man I'm refering to as I read on your website, sounds like his father, I am not trying to make something fit, which I won't do I stick to what I see. However, many times especially over the net two people over lap. I am sticking to the fact of the truck, he showed me this over & over. farming, could be reffered to someone there with him, but I stick to that as well.

Beleive me I understand what you are doing as someone who has done free readings most of the time especially when I see someone is in pain, as well as 2 hr. readings and never, never by the hour. However, any medium who comes from love will not be offended by the work you are doing.

Okay, I will continue to see what I see...however please check about a truck? Please feel free to ask whatever questions.


No, about the name thing, I meant that on the site I posted his name as Robert because at the time I created the site, I did not have permission to use his real name, which is in fact Duane, and also the name I used when asking the questions. The only place that the false information (Robert) was posted was on the web site. I suppose the man could be his father, but if it was, why would he have said he was dead and showed a truck? His father, Dwight, was not a farmer either, and died of heart disease in 1987 in Arlington, Texas.

Thanks again for your help,


Oh I you are feeling that I got the idea about the non-real name I get it. Although there is no way you can know this, which I understand...I didn't read that, so I understand why you would question that. About his father wht I'm saying is since both have passed, sometimes when I get people especally in this, things can get what I called tangled. So I see that I may have them overlapping. What I am seeing is blue overalls...which I assume his father is talking about being good with the land.

His son duane I expanded on in the other email. So if you could comment on that, and no need to give me any more details or fill the gap so to speak. See usually in a reading I do what I call confirmation, I allow the information to come in and you just say, yes, no or maybe.

Me and the spirit does the work, anotherwords, maybe I'm not hearing or seeing right and they may try another way to get the there is no way the sitter (you) feel as though I am leading you. Anyway, I still see him passed, and I still see the things that I spoke of in the other email.

so please let me know what you think and if you ask a question, keep it minimal in detailed and if you ever wanted a free, phone reading as I don't knwo where you are, i'm in LA, I'm up for that as well. Also check out GAry shwartz...he does work with mediums testing them and he has a great list & his program is interesting as well.


Hi Allison,

giving you some more of what I recieved: I still see him as passed, He says the reason there is no record on him is because he did not pass in a hospital or any sort. The truck he keeps mentioning is me seeing him getting into it off of the road, like jumping a ride.

He was used to doing that (as you menitoned in you site) so this didn't seem as though it was abnormal, except for this time. Anotherwords he tended to do this alot when he would need to get away. However, this time he jumped in the wrong car. When he gets upset he gets excitable hard to understand and this happened on that day anotherwords, he could scare a person and he did this day. The person driving the truck.

He keeps memtioning the football game, was on that day. (I know that doesn't narrow) I think he is gving me a time frame. He says he "spooked" the person driving and in that persons eyes it was self defense.

This is the truck...light blue pick up, not to far from where he lived. He's more anxious then his parents as his mother & father would of never beleived in this sort of thing. HIs mother is very quiet & reserved however, she views herself as a respectful person.She says she liked to sing, around the house mostly, she keeps saying singing.

okay...back to duane...

He says that at the time he beleived everythng that was in his mind and was convinced that he was doing right by his parents. He also stashed some cash away, he's talking about a broom closet...this is where he hid this. He was paranoid that any other way, people would take it away.

The person that picked him up became frighten and there was a battle . However, he does keep saying desert is where he was buried, he didn't really think at the time his life was in danger he just wanted to "get out, away". He talks about his love for whip cream. (when I say these things its to confirm the person anotherwords to give some information on them & what they liked etc. that isn't found other places) he had a real love for whip cream.

He says about 10 miles from where he lived there is a cafe with a red sign, people saw him there with the man. oh..waitress...n name, might be connected to her. she may still work there. I will focous more and if you want to send questions go ahead. also I read what you posted. To answer how I found you, I put in the search people looking for mediums & your website popped up. I looked around it a bit and that was how I found you. However, I know you have no way of knowing this, but that was the extent of it.

Also I updated my website it's much more clear. Online readings are difficult not because Ineed the cold reading but moslty because to feel the energy, however it'snot impossiable. When I do readings I usuallyli ke to go so long to bring in nurmous people, I don't ask for any information and only for people to say, yes, no & maybe. I also ask for people tothink their quesitons as spriits can read their minds. You be surprised how hard it is to let people know this is better for them then they can have more confirmation that I did not lead them or guess. It's harder to convince them to not be fooled.

Also there are websites & orginazations that are involved in testing mediums for the very reason you are. If you pass their tests they put you on the list one.I have them on my websit I as invited to go to NYC to participate however, I just moved back from NYC and was very sad, but couldn't go but I am going to the next. They are non-profit orgnization. Not to put a footnote, but often times I do have what I call hit miss , hit on something but missed it..however , I won't try to make something fit that I this is a trick others do. However, I might be hearing it wrong or only getting part.

Okay...let me know if any of that made sense & like I said, feel free to plop any questions. Good luck with your quest.


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